11 Best Fajardo Beaches in 2022 By a Puerto Rico Local

Kayaking in Puerto Rico is a one-of-a-kind experience. From bioluminescent tours, all the way to LED night tours, there is definitely a kayaking experience for everyone to try out. However, this doesn’t prevent locals from treating Boquillas Beach like one. Boquillas Beach is located behind the Natural Reserve, Hacienda La Esperanza, in the small municipality of Manatí.

Many people enjoy their beach time more when they can shed all their clothes and truly soak up the sun. Freedom from chafing swimsuits, tight straps, and the dreaded 50mm street photography wedgie, all are good reasons to skip the textiles and wear your birthday suit. Women especially don’t like tan lines dictating what they wear, or how it looks.

Nudity is welcome anywhere within the property or in our patio/pool/jacuzzi. Nudity is illegal in public so it is not allowed on our terrace or in front of the home. Camp Full Monte, A clothing optional, off-grid, eco campsite close the Montenegro/Croatia border crossing, run by an English couple.

Mar Bella beach is the primary clothing optional beach for the city of Barcelona. Female toplessness was officially legalized at the public pools of the municipalities of Galdakao and L’Ametlla del Vallès in March 2016 and June 2018, respectively. Nudist beaches are at Neptun, Costineşti, 2 Mai and Vama Veche sea resorts, and the beach between Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud on the Black Sea.

The water is stunningly clear, as if it’s a natural swimming pool. Nearby Eden Rock hotel in St. Jean, has a beach where you can sunbathe topless, as well as a beach bar, bistro and restaurant with ocean views. Keep in mind that people won’t be freely walking around in the nude here, however.

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